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Day 4 (Sept 15/19): Fixing the WiFi, more switches, figuring out the oven, locking a door, a walk, and relaxing

I’ve been playing catch up on my posts because when I arrived yesterday, the WiFi wasn’t working. When I was at supper last night, I posted some quick things to Instagram, but the WordPress app requires a bit more attention than IG.

I talked to the owner of the place today. She didn’t know how to fix it, but said she’d reach out to the guy who had installed it. She warned me, though, that he might have gone to Dublin for the football match yesterday and might not be back. Not a biggie…I could survive a day or so without Internet, right?

Before I go further, let’s step back. Remember the story about the light switches in the hotel in Killarney? Well, it turns out that switches are very popular here, too. Now, I haven’t found a master control light switch here, but alllllllll of the outlets have switches. One for each plug. So for each outlet with two plug sockets, there are two switches. You have to turn the switch on in order for that socket to work. (I imagine it saves on electricity, which is a great idea!! It just takes a little getting used to.)

And remember the windows without screens? From what I have seen nobody uses them. I didn’t see them on other hotels (or any building for that matter) in Killarney or on buildings (homes or otherwise) on the bus trip. This place doesn’t have them, either. A Google search has revealed that it’s actually common across Europe not to have screens. Apparently they don’t have as many mosquitos as we do in North America. Who knew!!

Now, back to the Internet. I had, like you would, done the unplug-and-plug-it-back-in thing with the router. It powered up. My tablet said I was connected. But there was no Internet.

While I was talking to Siobhan, I noticed that something else was plugged into the other socket where the router was plugged in and that 2nd socket switch was turned off. I turned it on. It didn’t seem to make any difference, so Siobhan said she’d try to reach that guy and get back to me.

About half an hour later, I thought I’d give it a go again and ta da! It worked!! So…that was fixed.

A couple of other “How does that work?” things also happened:

1. The door to the deck off the master bedroom would not lock, no matter how much I tried to coax it. Siobhan told me the tricks about that via text. (It wasn’t a big security concern as it’s on the 2nd floor, but I thought she’d want to know. I also didn’t want to end up having it look like I had broken it.)

2. I wanted to roast a chicken, but could not get the oven to work. Mary, the caretaker, dropped by to see how I was doing, so I asked her about it. She had no clue, beyond someone must have flipped the switch on the wall (again with the switches!!! Seriously – invest in switches in Ireland) and reset the programming on the oven. It’s not a fancy oven…I have no idea what programming is involved, but in any event, she said I should reach out to Siobhan, which I did, and she walked me through that fix.

In addition to working out those little bugs, I went for a walk today once the mist and fog cleared a little and did some colouring, totally relaxing with the sounds of the ocean. (You will hear me talk about that a lot…it’s one of my favourite things in the world, so yeah…it will be a repeated theme on this trip!!)

A foggy, misty morning today

On my way back from my walk

My perch, sitting on the rocks above the beach, across from my place

Some colouring after my walk


Day 3 (Sept 14/19): Killarney to Waterville – the last day of travel!

This post was written on Sept 14/19, at various stages of leaving Killarney to go to my final destination of Waterville.


Surprisingly, I slept better than I thought last night. A 5-hour time difference does do a number on you, but I think I’m good now!

My room booking included room-delivered full breakfast, which was definitely a great way to start the day. I forgot to ask for ketchup, though. Sausage without ketchup just isn’t the same, but I didn’t want to be a bother by bringing down for some so I somehow survived without!! 🙂

I toodled around again after breakfast before coming back to check out. There are loads of pubs and interesting shops – mostly geared towards tourists. I didn’t buy anything, but got some ideas for gifts towards the end of my trip.

Once I checked out, I left my bags at the front desk and headed off for lunch. I asked the girl at the front desk for a recommendation – there are loads of pubs around, but I wanted something different so I asked where she would go. She recommended the Cafe du Parc so that is just where I went!

I ordered the club sandwich. It didn’t come with anything, so I was skeptical as to whether or not it would be enough, but it was quit filling on its own. In fact, I only ate just over half of it. It was really yummy, too!

The club sandwich at the Café du Parc

After lunch, I scoped out info on some tours for when I come back in a couple of weeks, particularly for Killarney National Park because if I don’t go there while I’m in the area, my brother Bill might disown me. 🙂

Now I’m waiting for the bus to Waterville to depart. While standing outside waiting, I got hit on by an octogenarian (possibly even a nonagenarian) named Michael, so I guess I still got it…?

A little later…

While waiting my turn to load my bags into the bus, I saw a young fella putting a bag in the storage area. He had thick, fuzzy, fingerless gloves and I wondered if he was the bag loader, but he left and went back to the boarding line so I figure nope…he’s a passenger.

Then it was my turn to load and he came over and did it for me – before I had even started. So I changed my mind again and thought, ok, he must be the baggage guy.

But..the story does not end there!!! When I got on, there he was, a seated passenger.

He wasn’t the baggage guy. He was a nice guy who just took it upon himself to do a nice thing. And it wasn’t even as though I had been struggling with the bags. I hadn’t even started when he came over. He was just a nice young guy.

As I walked past him on the bus, I thanked him again. He chuckled a little, with a little shyness, and said, “It’s no problem…”

As it says in one of my favourite quotes:

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. (William Arthur Ward)

The bus ride itself was absolutely fabulous!!! If you are ever in the area, be sure to take a bus tour. It’s stunning. I didn’t take many photos – I thought about it lots, but just wanted to enjoy the view and not spend my whole time looking at it through my tablet camera viewer.

When I got to my place in Waterville, I unpacked, went for groceries, put those away, and then went for dinner at Dooley’s before hunkering down for the night. It was just soup and salad, but I tell you what – the dressing was delicious and the vegetable soup was the best soup I’ve had in I don’t know how long!

As an aside, from the time I arrived in Killarney and till now, everybody has been talking about today’s (Gaelic) football match between the Kerry team and Dublin. Being in County Kerry, everyone has been hoping for Kerry to win and green and yellow jerseys have been everywhere. Sadly, while I was eating, I could hear from the bar side of the restaurant that Kerry had lost.

As with all sporting matches — particularly rematches like this one – there was a super fun energy leading up to it the past two days since I’ve been here. Even the cashier at the grocery store was fully into it. She wasn’t thrilled about only being able to listen on the radio and not be able to see it, though!

Anyhoo…Here are some photos from today (Sept 14):

1. The bus

2. An ocean view on the route to Waterville

3. A video from my patio – the location is why I’ve taken this place. The sight, the sound, and the beautiful salty sea smell!

3. A sunset view from my place in Waterville

4. My dinner at Dooley’s

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