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Random thoughts about random things by a random person


So here we are. You and me. Well, for sure me and hopefully at some point, you!

This is my first blog. And it’s kinda weird. I was worried it would seem arrogant to think that random people want to read what some random stranger (or friend, for that matter) has to say about anything. But, I’ve always been a journaler so perhaps this is just an extension of that. Largely, I suppose, because my Facebook statuses were sometimes wayyyyyyyyyy too long, I finally realized I need a different outlet!

I had started this in December 2012. I only got as far as writing the “About” section and then just never did anything with it. I thought it should have a “theme” and a grand purpose. Well, four months later, that resulted in 0 posts.

So… Plan A is officially scrapped! It’s now time for Plan B: Which is to say, there’s no plan, theme, or purpose here. Nothing besides an avenue, besides my journal, to blather on; just sharing various bits and bobs that pop into my head that may or may not (most likely not, I’d say) have links to other posts I will have written on here.

Feel free to comment at will. I do request that comments be respectful. I don’t expect that we will always agree on everything, and I hope that there will be comments that cause me to stop and think, and perhaps change my line of reasoning on something. But that can really only be effective if we are respectful to and with each other. (Petulant child alert!) It’s my blog, though, so I reserve the right to delete any comments that I find to be disrespectful.

OK… that’s enough for this bit, I’d say!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Good luck with your Plan B. Can’t promise to follow all the time, but your blog interests me. I, too, ‘blather on.’

  2. We are always beginning again. Welcome back to another beginning! ^.^

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