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Day 8 (Sept 19/19): The view from the window

Before I get into this post, I should say that I am not normally one to sit or stand at the front window and spy on my neighbourhood. Perhaps the anonymity of being on holiday has brought out the Nosey Nellie in me. 🙂


After a decadent morning reading in bed, I came downstairs and opened the curtains across the wall of windows at the front of the house.

Almost immediately I noticed three distinct white spots on the sea at the horizon. I squinted a bit to see if I could see more distinctly what they were.

Then I remembered: I have binoculars!!

I grabbed them and headed back to the window.

There was a large white sailboat heading to the north and two motorized boats – one larger than the other – heading south.

No idea what they were, though. Something about the larger one made me think maybe Coast Guard or something. Don’t know why – I couldn’t see it that closely.

If it was a yacht it was a seriously beautiful boat!

In moving away from that, I noticed the beautiful waning gibbous moon.

Up to the eyes with the binoculars again… 🙂

It was very cool and fun to see so many more details and craters than the naked eye can see. I’m really enjoying this gift!!!

After that, I sat at the table by the windows to do a little drawing (I didn’t finish it, so no picture, plus it was just a learning exercist – how to draw a tree).

Not too long later, something else caught my eye: a guy out on a paddle board.

Out came the binoculars once more!

He didn’t look quite proficient at it and I would not have been surprised if he had gone into the drink. At one point he did sit down, but was up again before too long.

Good on him! I wouldn’t even give it a go.

I am not a fan of standing up sports/activities in general. I’d go arse over kettle on that thing before I got one foot off shore. In fact, probably even if I just tried to stand on it onshore!

I do better sitting down – which is why the recumbent exercise bike is my preferred activity of choice.

I left him to it – keeping an occasional eye on him while I was drawing, until he was safely on shore. 🙂

I’m pretty easily entertained, what can I say…


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