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Day 6 (Sept 17/19): An artistic challenge!

My friend Shamima gave me an art journal for my birthday and I brought it with me on this trip.

Today I challenged myself to sketch the view from the table in the sunroom.

It’s not 100% accurate and is definitely not to scale (as you can see from the pictures in previous posts), but the main pieces are there. It turned out better than I thought it would, actually!

(The book pages already had the quote and the flowers in the bottom left and top right corners.)

I’m not, as you can tell, good at drawing, but that’s what challenges are about, right?

If you are already good at or comfortable with something, doing it isn’t a challenge.

I plan on doing some more of this scene, so maybe it will get better as I go. 🙂 In any event, I’m still happy with this first go at it and that I did it at all!!

My first attempt from my window


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