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Markers and cheesecake (Or: See how easily I get distracted?)


I was in my craft room Friday night, practicing some hand lettering exercises and watching Father Brown (as one does on a Friday night).

I had my brush markers and other pens around me, but realized I needed some finer felt-tip markers, which were on the ottoman in the living room.

No biggie – I’d just go get them.

I should explain to you that I am not a rich, eccentric billionaire who lives alone in a massive mansion where the living room (one of several, in that imaginary place) is a block away from the craft room. I live, rather, in a cozy, two-bedroom condo. On the floor plan, the “craft room” is actually the dining room. It could also be a den, if one so chose. For me it’s a combined office/pantry/craft room. All that to say, this ain’t a huge place.

You would think, then, that I would be able to do the 30-second (max.) round trip to get the markers easily enough.

If you did think that, then we probably don’t know each other very well. Because that didn’t happen.

Now, I did succeed in getting the markers easily enough. I even picked them up and headed back towards the craft room. Now I just had the 15-second return trip to contend with.

But, you see, the kitchen is between the living room and the craft room and I had to pass through it both ways. I successfully made it through the kitchen in my outbound trip. Inbound? Not so much.

This is what I got up to go get:

And this is the no-bake cheesecake that I decided had to be made on my way back to the craft room:

Sadly, it didn’t even turn out well!

It didn’t set at all, even after being in the fridge overnight. I had to put it in the freezer yesterday and after several hours it sort of set, but went liquid again after about 20 minutes. It tastes fine, so I won’t throw it out, but I definitely won’t make it again. The next kitchen distraction (because there will be a next one) will just have to be something else. 🙂

Author: Lucy C

I am an avid reader and learner who, not surprisingly, also loves to write!

2 thoughts on “Markers and cheesecake (Or: See how easily I get distracted?)

  1. I love that you have ingredients on hand to make so many things – so impressive

    Liked by 1 person

    • When I tell you the ingredients were 1 pkg cream cheese, 1 can sweetened condensed milk, vanilla and a pre-made graham crust, will you still be impressed?? (Should also have had lemon juice, but it was already so runny I knew it wouldn’t set so I didn’t add any. Well, I didn’t have lemons, but I’d have gone to get one if I thought it would work… 😁)


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