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A (Satur)day in the life…

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My plan this weekend was to hibernate. Last weekend was pretty busy, so I was going to just spend this weekend doing stuff I needed to do but didn’t last weekend and also work on figuring some stuff out for my blog.

I had a nice, leisurely start to the day today – I even slept in until almost 9:30! WHAT?!?! Crazy. But it’s MY Saturday, so I counted it as a win.

I started picking out some pic’s for an upcoming post and, that done, figured it was time to clean the ol’ bod and  hop in the shower.

Then my friend Carol called. She invited me over for dinner and games tonight. I was still committed to my “just me” plan so I thanked her, but said I couldn’t. Then, somewhere in the conversation, the possibility of meeting for lunch came up. Well, I figured, I have to go out for groceries anyway, so why not meet up with Carol for lunch, too?

After we agreed on a place and time, I fixed a quick breakfast and did a little more work on the post before getting ready and heading out.

Lunch was lovely and somehow or another, we ended up at Art Is In Bakery. They have an AMAZING flourless chocolate cookie. I only had it once and was quite anxious to try it again. Carol’s Art-is-in drug of choice is the sticky bun. She didn’t have to be home to work on tonight’s dinner until 3:00, so off we went.

As usual, there was a huge line up. Two, actually – one for to-go orders and one for eat-in orders. Carol suggested I scout out up front to see if they even had anything left. (Two o’clock on a Saturday afternoon is pretty late to be getting there…it’s a bit of a Russian roulette game cuz you don’t know what, if anything, you’ll get at that hour.)

I couldn’t see everything, but there were a few pastries and treats so I figured it would be worth waiting for. As we got closer, Carol noticed there was one single, solitary sticky bun left. We both figured there’d be no way it would be there by the time we got to the counter. Happily, we were wrong!! It was hers! I, alas, did not fair so well. No flourless chocolate cookies. Don’t be too sad for me – I made it out of there with one of their amazing brownies and a new-for-me piece of brownie cheesecake. (I’m not sure if I’ll have one today and one tomorrow, or just give in and have both today for “supper”…hey – don’t judge! 😉 )

After that I dropped Carol off, headed for groceries and now am home to start my “me” weekend. 🙂

Author: Lucy C

I am an avid reader and learner who, not surprisingly, also loves to write!

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