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So, what do you think?


As you know I’m doing one of the online blog courses WordPress has. My assignment for today is two-fold: first, I’m to write about where I write and then to ask you for suggestions of things to write about. I know…that’s not exactly a great hook, is it? And I get it… that wouldn’t likely make me want to read this post! So I’m intentionally keeping it short. At the very least, please skip to the last paragraph and leave some of your ideas in the comments. 🙂

I suppose the purpose of the first part is to get me thinking about the physical aspects of writing. Maybe so that I am more intentional about where and when I write, which likely then impacts what and how I write. Interestingly, I read the assignment itself yesterday and have been thinking about it since then. It motivated me to clean off the pile of papers and crafting stuff on the desk in my den so that, going forward, I can do my writing in there, depending on the weather. Laptops are handy that way!

Normally, I write where I’m currently writing: on my couch, in front of the TV, with a cozy blanket, and the soft light of a lamp. Sometimes it’s music instead of TV, but usually it’s TV. (I’m a creature of habit.) Nothing that I need to pay particular attention to…it’s just kind of there. Right now I’m watching (mostly listening to) an episode of Deep Space 9.

I thought of going to my newly tidied desk in the den, but took a pass. It looks out to the parking lot in front of my building. That sounds worse than it is. On a sunny day it’s still quite nice. The afternoon sun comes in that way and it can be quite cheery. Today, though, we’re having freezing rain. And, I gotta be honest, watching the ice build up on my car was not fun earlier when I was tidying up and it will be less fun now. Hmmm…that reminds me. I may need to go out and clean some of it off so that it doesn’t take me an hour tomorrow morning because it’s going to continue all night. And into tomorrow morning. Good times!

But I digress!

That covers the where I write bit. Next up is…what ideas for topics do you guys have? This whole course is about inspiration so now’s the chance for you guys to inspire me!

Author: Lucy C

I am an avid reader and learner who, not surprisingly, also loves to write!

9 thoughts on “So, what do you think?

  1. When we used to converse in person I loved how you would tell about people back home. My idea for you is to do a character study or maybe do a form of a tribute. I would love to have the idea of your mom or dad done as a character study. Maybe even around an object they owned or a part of the body. My dad through his hands. My mom through her favourite jacket.

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  2. Everyone is talking about it… this weather! An ice storm for you and this morning I am waking to a pretty major snowfall!


    • Yup…. I had to BEAT my car this morning. Not scrape it. BEAT it. About 15 mm of ice on it, at least. But I won’t say any more cuz that’s a good post idea. Thanks! xo


  3. Baking. I know for me there’s something therapeutic about it. I suspect the same for you, you can taste the love in your baking. 🙂

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  4. Write about going on ‘ventures!!!!


  5. Also while a nice clear desk is perfect and clutter free, …where you are comfortable like your couch, floor, bed, favourite chair, etc. is where the inspiration will flow!


    • Very true!! And, really, since I don’t have a truly beautiful scene to look out at from my desk, it doesn’t REALLY matter if I’m on the couch or in the den at the desk. 🙂


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