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You’re not just watering dirt


About a year or so ago, a guy gave a talk at Church and he told a story that had a key phrase that really stuck with me: You’re not just watering dirt.

I meant to write this particular post closer to when I heard the story, but… Surprise! I didn’t. So I don’t remember the details. But the gist of it was, he was on his grandfather’s farm helping out. He planted seeds and tended the ground, which included watering, waiting, watching, watering, waiting, watching, and so on. He wanted to see the results of all that watering, waiting, and watching, but day after day after day…nothing.

His grandfather explained to him that just because he didn’t see anything happen didn’t mean nothing was happening. He explained how there was a lot happening underneath the ground, in the seed itself, and eventually, the plant would begin to be visible above ground. He wasn’t wasting his time; he wasn’t just watering dirt.

Sure enough, of course, the tiny green shoots poked through the ground, but it took a while.

You know where I’m going with this…analogy with life in general. Yup. You got it.

Since we are heading into the new year and a lot of people are going to be thinking about and/or making resolutions, I thought this would be a good time to write this.

When we are kids, we are pretty impatient with things. The younger we are, the less understanding we have of time – waiting for something is just not a concept we understand. As we get older, we get a better understanding of it and in differing degrees, we get the concept of “wait”. Not saying we like it – just that we get it. šŸ˜‰

These days, though, we don’t really want to wait for anything, no matter our age. We for sure don’t wait for purchases, hence the huge amounts of debt many/most of us carry. With other things we expect instant results, too. If we decide to lose weight, we expect to be Heidi Klum inside of a week and if it’s not all done in a month, then forget it! If we are trying to kick a habit (or integrate a new one), we want it accomplished NOW. And then there are things like grief and pain that we have to deal with at times in our lives and getting through those things are going to take time, too.

Oh…and we don’t want any of it to be inconvenient or uncomfortable. Essentially, we want what we want now and we want it to be easy. Please and thank you.

Needless to say (and yet I will say it anyway!), it doesn’t happen that way. If we try and don’t see immediate results, or at least quick results, we feel like we are looking at a patch of dirt that we have prepared, planted, and watered and nothing grows.

But just because you don’t see the changes right away, doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. Some things just can’t be hurried. Or, if they are hurried, they don’t provide the results you want. (Ever cranked up the heat while cooking something because you wanted it done quicker? I have…it ain’t pretty…or usually edible!)

So give yourself time. Find a way to enjoy the process, too. People who love gardening get the fact that their gardens don’t sprout up overnight. There’s planning that goes into it – frequently advanced planning, too. It doesn’t just pop up overnight.

Real life changes – whether of our own choice or thrust upon us from uncontrollable circumstances – take time. And don’t let that deter you. Keep watering and tending and you will see the results.

Because, again… You aren’t just watering dirt.

Author: Lucy C

I am an avid reader and learner who, not surprisingly, also loves to write!

2 thoughts on “You’re not just watering dirt

  1. Quite right…and timely! šŸ™‚


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