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Official Inauguration


I know. A blog hardly ranks up there with presidential inaugurations, but I’ll never be a president (OK… I’m sure I’ll be Queen of the World some day, but that will be a coronation, not an inauguration) so this is my big chance! Hmmm… I suppose that means we should have refreshments here, perhaps balloons, and maybe a tickertape parade? Shoot. I have none of that. I hope that doesn’t mean this blog is already a failure. Oh well, hopefully you’ll stick around, anyway!

And if that isn’t disappointing enough, this is the end of my first post. Trust me. This won’t be the norm. If you’re here because you know me and I’ve invited you, you know how very long-winded I can be. Look at how long it’s taking me to even close! Imagine how long a post will be when I am writing about something in particular and not just inaugurating my blog!

At any rate, thank-you for dropping by. I will have more to say next time. I promise! 🙂

Author: Lucy C

I am an avid reader and learner who, not surprisingly, also loves to write!

3 thoughts on “Official Inauguration

  1. Great start! I look forward to what comes next :o)


  2. I am always fully entertained by the things you have to say! :). Bring it on.


  3. Thanks, folks!!! No promises… My second one is WAY longer than this one, so I’m going to try to find a happy medium. I find I don’t read blogs that have long posts, so I really want to keep mine “readable”.


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