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Day 16 (Sept 27/19): Killarney – St. Mary’s Church of the Sloes


This was my last day before going to Dublin.

I had originally thought to do a bus/boat tour to another part of the National Park today, but the weather was on-again-off-again rainy – again – and I had had enough of being wet the last few days, so I stayed around Killarney.

That’s not to say that I completely avoided getting wet – I didn’t. But I was able to trot back to the hotel to change and warm up, rather than spend the day in wet clothes.

I mostly just did some more twacking around, finishing up some gift buying.

I also went into the church across the street from my hotel – St. Mary’s. I had posted a picture of it previously when I was here two weeks ago. It’s really quite lovely. Below are some pictures of the windows inside.

Before I forget, and to keep in line with the unintentional theme for this trip of “Switches”, here’s how the Killarney Plaza Hotel deals with lights: You have to insert your room key in a slot in the entry of your room in order for any of the lights or anything to work. It’s a neat way to reduce electricity wastage!

And, speaking of the hotel…it was really quite lovely itself. I quite enjoyed hanging out on here to read and write for a bit while it was raining outside.

And so closes the Ring of Kerry chapter of my holiday!!

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Author: Lucy C

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3 thoughts on “Day 16 (Sept 27/19): Killarney – St. Mary’s Church of the Sloes

  1. Thanks for sharing your vacation! I thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through you. Safe travels home!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just lovely! It was so fun to hear all about your adventures. A trip of a lifetime, indeed! And we loved the postcard. Thanks for thinking of us. ❤️


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