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A Letter to Mother Nature’s Administrative Assistant


To Whom it May Concern;

This letter is written to address a scheduling oversight on your part.

I understand that you are responsible for Mother Nature’s scheduling calendar and I can only imagine how hectic a job that is. She is one seriously busy lady. Your job must be difficult enough when things go smoothly, but as we all know, things in nature rarely go smoothly so on top of your regular duties, you must have a lot of rescheduling to do.

With all of those things going on, it is easy to understand how some things slip through the cracks. One of the things that appears to have slipped through those cracks is the arrival of spring in eastern Canada. I hope it’s not being presumptuous, but I have attached a couple of photos to show you what I mean.

Because I know how busy you and Mother Nature must be, I have tried to be patient. While others around me have grumbled and complained these last few weeks, I put on a cheery smile and tried to reassure them all that things would soon change, that pleasant weather was surely just around the corner.

But I can’t do that any more. When I tried it a yesterday at work, several of them banned together and locked me in the cleaning supply closet. I was there for a few hours until the cleaning lady came to put her supplies away. Even though she was quite surprised to see someone in among the brooms and mops, she was obviously also quite frustrated with my Pollyanna attitude because as soon as she saw that it was me in there, she hurried to close the door and lock me in again. Thankfully I shot my foot out in time before the door latched and I was free. (Don’t worry: It will only be in a cast for four weeks.)

Anyway, as you can see, things have gotten rather…uncomfortable…here. While at the hospital, I tried to figure out what could have happened. After all, spring was due to be here on March 20th. That’s four whole weeks ago. Considering that a season is only three months long, that means it’s already one-third over and it’s not even here yet.

They had the weather channel on the TV in the hospital emergency room and you would not believe how many different weather stories they covered in the eight hours I was there! How silly of me! You of all people would know how many stories there are! Please, pardon me…

At any rate, as I watched the stories, I couldn’t help but think again how busy you must be, which made me think about how busy I was at my job. Then I remembered that I had forgotten to do something before I got thrown into the cleaning closet. At that moment, I thought, “Why, I do believe I’ve figured out what has happened to the weather! It fell through the cracks!”

And that’s when I thought I should write you this letter. From one office worker to another – to give you a little reminder before anybody comes and throws you into a cleaning closet.

On that note, if you wouldn’t mind popping into Mother Nature’s calendar and scheduling “Arrival of Spring in Eastern Canada” for as soon as possible, I would very much appreciate it. It would sure be lovely to have some pretty flowers to look out at while I’m laid up at home the next few weeks.

Yours with appreciation,

She who wishes to avoid being locked in cleaning supply closets

PS: If you can’t manage to schedule the whole of eastern Canada right away, could you at least try to squeeze in the Ottawa valley? Thanks much!

Author: Lucy C

I am an avid reader and learner who, not surprisingly, also loves to write!

4 thoughts on “A Letter to Mother Nature’s Administrative Assistant

  1. Is this for real?!? I know the spring thing is…it snowed today in UT and no one is happy about it. But the broken foot thing…really?? 😳


    • Noooooooo…. And I didn’t get thrown in a cleaning supply closet. It was mostly made up – all but the “Can we have spring now, please?” bit… Sorry for the panic! Upside…I seriously considered packing my bags and heading your way when I was on my way home from work!!


  2. Looks like Mother Nature got the message! The long-term forecast for Calgary is full of Spring like weather. Thanks!


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