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I left Facebook…and I survived!


I just wrote a big, long post about why I left Facebook and I don’t think I’m going to publish it. In a sentence, I left it because of all the negative, hatey stuff on there. And about 1500 words into the post, I realized that if I left one site because of all the heavy, negative stuff, why would I want to bring it to another site? Not to say that heavy topics aren’t sometimes necessary, but let’s not start out with my first post on here in about 2 years being that way!

Anyway, here I am, one week after having submitted my delete request and I’ve survived!

Note that I said delete rather than deactivate because the latter leaves your account there, dormant, but waiting for you to come back, almost taunting you: “You can’t really break up with me…c’mon. Be serious… you want me. You know you do. Why fight it? We’re good together…most of the time. Just enter your email address and password. Yes, that’s it. Perfect… ” And, well, I’m weak so if I only opted to deactivate my account, chances are I’d go back. Somehow I’d convince myself that the racists/bigots would have had an epiphany or reached enlightenment or some such and so my reason for leaving would no longer exist. (Hey…don’t judge! I’m sure you’ve convinced yourself of some pretty crazy stuff before, too. Well, maybe not THAT crazy, but still… a little empathy here, OK? 🙂 ) So… I brought out the big guns and went for el deleto.

Even now, having selected to delete my account, I technically could go back. Because they DO. NOT. WANT. YOU. TO. LEAVE. It’s set up so that if you log in within two weeks after having sent the request to delete your account, they, instead, delete the delete request and everything’s up and running like normal. So, technically, my account is still sitting there right now, waiting for me to come back. But the break up is still fresh enough that I remember the dirty socks on the floor and the towels that can never seem to make it to the hamper, so no thanks, FB dude…I ain’t comin’ back.

It’s been a nice week without it, actually. Well, to be honest, I was only on there during the weekends for the most part, and even then I was just popping off and on – never for hours at a time. (I don’t even know what you could do on there for that long.) A year or so ago, I had started intentionally reducing the amount of times I’d log in, so that helped pave the way for the final step, too. Yippeeee!

And, happily, one of my friends (before I left FB) asked if I’d be doing anything more with my blog. The light went on and I thought, “Of course!” That was a great inspiration to get back on here. Thanks, Stephanie!

So, nothing heavy today! Just a celebration – welcoming myself back to WordPress! Imaginary confetti is floating all over the place! (There’s probably a way to put some sort of confetti background in here, but I’m clueless as to how to do it, so you’ll have to use your imagination. Sorry!) This is a much more digestible length than that original 1500-word behemoth, too, don’tcha think? (You’re welcome!)

PS: Welcome back, or simply Welcome, to you, too!!!

Author: Lucy C

I am an avid reader and learner who, not surprisingly, also loves to write!

4 thoughts on “I left Facebook…and I survived!

  1. Nice to see you blogging again Lucy. If you were a journalist writing for a newspaper, I’d still be buying newspapers. What you have to say is important and interesting. And we love to hear from you. So, thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks, Allan! For the past year and a half I was doing regular blogs at work on change management, so I was sill writing. But I’m glad to be back here. I think I might even get a paid subscription or whatever it’s called and spend some time learning how to take advantage of all the different options on here – particularly to make it more visually appealing. I really appreciate the encouragement!!


  2. Hey Lucy,
    I can honestly say I am soooooo glad u r going to do more bits and bobs. I love your writing and you make me smile, cause I can hear u saying what u have written. I miss u so much.


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